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In today’s volatile real estate market a home appraisal is the only way you can truly know what your home is worth. Realtors are not trained in the appraisal process and are unaware of core appraisal principals. You need an expert to analyze the market and provide you with a full comprehensive appraisal report.

Pre Listing Appraisal

Pre-Listing Appraisals Can Save Deals

Would you like to reduce the number of times your sellers home appraises lower than the Contract Price? Get a Pre-Listing or Current Listing Appraisal! Why? Because you can and should provide a copy of this appraisal to the Bank’s appraiser. Not only will that appraiser be happy to have a prior appraisal to review along with […]

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FHA Appraisals

Seller Tips about FHA Appraisals

In the home buying marketplace there are many different types of mortgage products available to consumers. The most popular in recent years is the FHA mortgage. The FHA mortgage allows a borrower to put down 3.5% towards purchasing a home. This is extremely prevalent in today’s mortgage climate because a conventional mortgage requires 20% down […]

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Home Appraisal Tips for Sellers

Home Appraisal Tips for Sellers

Being an appraiser, I see anxiety and the look of fear on a home sellers face when I walk through the door. Here I will share my home appraisal tips for sellers. My goal is to shed some light for home sellers and best prepare them for the home appraisal. Put the Home Appraisal First […]

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