Homeland Community Spotlight

Located in North Baltimore, in the vicinity of York Rd, Bellona Ave, and Charles St, home searchers will find the community of Homeland, identified as one of the top fifty urban neighborhoods by Worth Magazine. Homeland real estate is comprised of almost 1000 single-family homes, on approximately 391 acres, that have been well-maintained and preserved since the 1900’s. The planned community made use of the neighborhood’s already tranquil and beautiful setting, which was developed by the Olmstead Brothers, designers of New York’s Central Park. Home prices in Homeland range in price from 450,000 to 850,000.

Homeland was a working farm from the early to mid 1800’s to 1924. During this time Homeland’s lakes, which run through the middle of the community and have become an integral part of the communities’ landscape, came into being. The tranquil and beautiful common areas make a wonderful place to relax after work or walk with your family enjoying the outdoors. Homeland real estate, with its diverse architecture ranging from Colonial to Tudor and well-planned landscaping, has something to appeal to all potential residents.

Homeland real estate’s proximity to Baltimore and Towson make it an ideal location for prospective buyers. If you are looking for a close-knit community, a wide range of preserved architecture and beautiful landscapes Homeland is a neighborhood you need to explore.

Homeland Market Trends

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