Specializing In Residential Appraisals

Fee Schedule

For your convenience, we have listed the most requested services by our mortgage lending partners and the fees our firm charges. Our turn times for most non-complex assignments is 72 hours after inspection.

Lender Fee Schedule

Form 1004 Single Family Residential $450.00
Form 1004 Single Family Residential FHA $475.00
Form 1004D Appraisal Update or Completion $175.00
Form 1073 Individual Condominium $475.00
Form 1073 Individual Condominium FHA $500.00
Form 1025 2-4 Family Small Income Residential $600.00
Form 216 Operating Income Statement $175.00
Form 1007 Single Family Rent Schedule $175.00
Vacant Land Appraisal $500.00
Highest and Best Use Study (Vacant Land) $250.00

* Base fee for non-complex assignments

The definition of a Complex Residential Property, per federal regulations at 12CFR Part 34.42 is: “A complex one-to-four family residential property means one in which the property to be appraised, the form of ownership, or the market conditions are ATYPICAL.” A complex property is one that is unique or unusual in its market area. What makes it different may be physical characteristics, locational influences, a nonconforming use, or any combination of these factors.