Once an order is received, it enters the company’s tracking system, is delegated to one of our qualified appraisers and the borrower or customer is contacted immediately to set up an appointment. Once the report is completed, it is reviewed by our Quality Control Department and delivered when and how the customer needs it, quickly!

Maryland Appraisal’s order tracking and management system were built by those who have used these services. Clients are able to take advantage of our advanced order and tracking system which allows them to order and track the progress of their reports online, in real-time 24/7 and even download completed reports from anywhere across the country! We are able to send reports digitally through our A La Mode forms software in a variety of formats including but not limited to EDI, PDF and AI Ready. We are committed to setting and maintaining a technology standard in our industry.

Some of Our Guaranteed Services Include

  •  Inspections Scheduled Immediately
  •  Real-Time Daily Updates 24/7
  •  Online ordering and delivery
  •  Secure on-line appraisal tracking
  •  Professional and accurate appraisal reports
  •  Expedited Correction Requests
  •  On-time delivery of reports